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How Xi Jinping transformed China

• Analysis: Xi wants China to 'win local wars.' Russia's failures in Ukraine show that's not so easy

logo.png  By NB  Oct 19, 2022

Latin America’s inflation lessons for the G7

Region’s central banks were quick off the mark to act after recent experience in tackling rising prices

logo.png  By NB  Oct 18, 2022

A collective will to tackle global challenges needs more tools

IMF meetings yet to align better awareness of major economic problems with the scale of action required

logo.png  By NB  Oct 17, 2022

Economists must get more in touch with our feelings

Feelings matter. That is obvious enough. Less obvious is what social scientists and policy wonks should do about it. I’ve written many times about efforts to measure happiness, but such efforts have delivered insights that sometimes seem underwhelming. It

logo.png  By NB  Oct 14, 2022