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The seven types of email you should never send

Another year, another inbox stuffed with junk. So let’s get 2023 off on the right foot, with my opinionated guide to bad email etiquette. Whether you’re a cubicle dweller or a corporate communications supremo, here are the seven types of email you should

logo.png  By NB  Feb 3, 2023

China Belt and Road dreams fade in Germany’s industrial heartland

Geopolitical tensions including Beijing’s close ties with Moscow derail Duisburg’s hopes of trade bonanza

logo.png  By NB  Feb 3, 2023

‘Colossal’ central bank buying drives gold demand to decade high

Fallout from US sanctions on Russia helped fuel 18 per cent leap in purchases last year

logo.png  By NB  Jan 31, 2023

Central banks set to lift rates to 15-year highs as investor jitters grow

Concern that bond market rally underestimates growing evidence of persistent inflation

logo.png  By NB  Jan 30, 2023