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A glimmer of hope for the global economy

Alphabet revenue beats forecasts on robust digital ad performance

logo.png  By NB  Jul 27, 2023

US hits highest interest rates in 22 years

Meta returns to double-digit revenue growth since 2021

logo.png  By NB  Jul 27, 2023

Economists counter market bets of soft landing

Analysts say investors’ expectations that rates are close to their peak are likely to prove over optimistic

logo.png  By NB  Jul 26, 2023

Cautionary Tales – A Fascination with Failure / Death on the Dance Floor (classic)

This week I present a personal reflection on what the late Henry Petroski meant to me and how he influenced my thinking and writing, followed by our classic episode “Death on the Dance Floor”. The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance b

logo.png  By NB  Jul 22, 2023