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US consumer goods companies are losing upper hand on pricing

Businesses that imposed relentless post-pandemic price hikes are reaching the outer limits of the strategy

logo.png  By NB  Jul 8, 2024

New podcast series: China’s race to tech supremacy

Is China destined to overtake the US as the world’s technology superpower?

logo.png  By NB  Jul 8, 2024

FirstFT: Labour sweeps to power in UK election

Also in today’s newsletter, Biden admits he ‘screwed up’ and Tesla gets Beijing’s backing

logo.png  By NB  Jul 7, 2024

What zebras can teach us about international trade

It’s not often that you can squeeze zebras into a column about trade tariffs, but against the backdrop of a trade war over electric vehicles, with the US election, the Chinese economy and the global climate at stake, let’s try. The Biden administration is

logo.png  By NB  Jul 5, 2024