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The turning points in Russia's invasion of Ukraine

• Russia's challenge: Annexing territory it can't control

logo.png  By NB  Oct 2, 2022

How to waste a couple of hundred million pounds

In between summer holidays and the arrival of a new prime minister, few people will have noticed that, by dithering for a decade, the government has quietly wasted nearly £200mn. Even fewer will have been surprised. But we should be paying attention, not

logo.png  By NB  Oct 1, 2022

UK government bond tumult ripples into US and European markets

Heavy sell-off in gilts described as a case of ‘the tail definitely wagging the dog this week’

logo.png  By NB  Oct 1, 2022

Cracks in the US labour market are starting to appear

Employment conditions watched by the Fed may be weaker than headline data suggest

logo.png  By NB  Sep 29, 2022