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Why Ireland’s economy is red hot

China has extended its military drills around Taiwan

logo.png  By NB  Aug 10, 2022

How to really change someone’s mind

I’ve been thinking recently about three debates. In the first, which took place in January 2016, two Harvard students, Fanele Mashwama and Bo Seo, proposed that “the world’s poor would be justified in pursuing complete Marxist revolution”. In the second,

logo.png  By NB  Aug 5, 2022

Support surges for campaigners urging non-payment of energy bills

Experts warn consumers that halting direct debits could mean higher bills and poorer credit scores

logo.png  By NB  Aug 5, 2022

How big a pay rise do you need right now?

As food and energy prices rocket, some companies are offering debt advice and loans to staff

logo.png  By NB  Aug 4, 2022