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Currency wars are not what they used to be

The impact of devaluations on trade, corporate earnings, prices and capital flows might now be more nuanced

logo.png  By NB  Oct 2, 2023

Behind the fraud drama rocking academia

If the crowdfunding effort is anything to go by, there is huge sympathy for the data detectives Leif Nelson, Joe Simmons and Uri Simonsohn. The three men — professors of marketing, applied statistics and behavioural science, respectively — have carved out

logo.png  By NB  Sep 29, 2023

The US is on the brink of a new growth cycle

There are reasons to believe the economy is primed to deliver robust and durable expansion over the longer term

logo.png  By NB  Sep 26, 2023

The plight of the ‘permacrisis’ and what to do about it

The complexity of central banks’ ‘last mile’ on inflation is part of a bigger economic challenge

logo.png  By NB  Sep 23, 2023