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What if 2023 is not the reset that investors are pining for?

Party-poopers point to the risk of a Fed pivot turning out to be more of a plateau before more rate rises

logo.png  By NB  Jan 12, 2023

Emerging market stocks jump 20% from October low

Bets on slower Federal Reserve rate rises stoke ‘increasing enthusiasm’ over asset class

logo.png  By NB  Jan 11, 2023

Rents Are Still Higher Than Before The Pandemic — And Assistance Programs Are Drying Up

Cleveland is one of the poorest cities in the country. It’s far from the expensive coastal cities like New York City and San Francisco, where astronomically high rents are common. Cleveland doesn’t fit the stereotype of a city people want to move to; in f

logo.png  By NB  Jan 10, 2023

We need to pay more attention to misaligned economic signals

Investors should be wary of a repeat of last year’s ‘transitory inflation’ type of mistake

logo.png  By NB  Jan 10, 2023