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The peculiar market divide on the rate outlook

Investors should beware of disregarding the signals emitted by the Fed

logo.png  By NB  Dec 8, 2023

Against the odds, China’s push to internationalise its currency is making gains

Geopolitical concerns help support the use of the renminbi despite weak foreign investment trends

logo.png  By NB  Dec 7, 2023

US deficits are testing investor patience

There little room for complacency as the Treasury is likely to need to issue $20tn of debt in the coming decade

logo.png  By NB  Dec 4, 2023

The simple maths puzzle that shows us how to separate fact from fiction

For certain kinds of questions, there are answers that are simple, elegant and wrong. Take the most famous example of the genre, the “bat and ball” question: if a bat and a ball together cost $1.10, and the bat costs a dollar more than the ball, how much

logo.png  By NB  Dec 1, 2023