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Notes on a statistical scandal

Even a spreadsheet can become a victim of its own success. Just ask the World Bank’s Doing Business report. While many worthy publications from the World Bank are never downloaded, Doing Business has been a smash hit for years. No longer. Amid an ugly sca

logo.png  By NB  Nov 19, 2021

Why There Hasn’t Been A Mass Exodus Of Teachers

This article is a collaboration between FiveThirtyEight and The Fuller Project, a nonprofit newsroom reporting on issues that affect women. Sarah Caswell is stressed about her job every day. The science and special-education teacher in Philadelphia sees t

logo.png  By NB  Nov 18, 2021

Diversity policies must avoid benefiting the already privileged

White women are the biggest beneficiaries, while those from lower socioeconomic groups are often overlooked

logo.png  By NB  Nov 17, 2021