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Why 2023 might just be a turning point for climate action

Policy and regulatory breakthroughs are coming together — but will government and business deliver?

logo.png  By NB  Feb 28, 2023

US-Europe trade tensions heat up over green subsidies

EU officials fear Biden’s climate law will undermine the bloc’s own efforts to drive green investment

logo.png  By NB  Feb 28, 2023

What Lego can teach us about saving the planet

Can Lego save the world? That’s one idea that stuck with me reading How Big Things Get Done, a new book by Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner. Flyvbjerg is perhaps the world’s leading authority on the failure of megaprojects — or how big things get done, but

logo.png  By NB  Feb 25, 2023

Investors increase bets on ECB lifting rates to all-time high

Buoyant service sector and wages fuel expectations of further rises in eurozone borrowing costs

logo.png  By NB  Feb 23, 2023