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Gold’s mystery rally baffles analysts

Hopes of US rate cuts alone are unlikely to have driven latest leg higher, say strategists

logo.png  By NB  Mar 13, 2024

Risks grow for investors as a new economic framework emerges

Policies to address issues such as climate change and national security are piling up without a coherent strategy

logo.png  By NB  Mar 13, 2024

Business school teaching case study: how electric vehicles pose tricky trade dilemmas

How should western policymakers use subsidies and tariffs to encourage drivers to switch? Probe the arguments with this ‘instant teaching case study’

logo.png  By NB  Mar 12, 2024

What the birth of the spreadsheet teaches us about generative AI

When the spreadsheet launched in 1979, it was a bewildering piece of software. People had no idea what they were looking at. A computer screen, filled with a grid of numbers? As Keith Houston explains in his new history of the pocket calculator, Empire of

logo.png  By NB  Mar 8, 2024