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Fed opens debate over possible digital currency

US central bank seeks to maintain supremacy of dollar amid rush of global financial innovation

logo.png  By NB  Jan 22, 2022

Omicron optimist, pessimist or fatalist – which are you?

Is this the point at which we should shrug our shoulders and give up? Omicron has prompted three kinds of reaction: optimism, pessimism and fatalism. The optimists argue that the variant is “nature’s vaccine”, a mild and transmissible virus that will quic

logo.png  By NB  Jan 21, 2022

Germany’s 10-year Bund yield turns positive for first time since 2019

Expectations that central banks will tighten policy to tame inflation hit price of eurozone’s benchmark bond

logo.png  By NB  Jan 21, 2022

FT Health: Future of Antibiotics

The FT examines the causes and effects of an increasing global resistance to antibiotics: from the pressures doctors are under to prescribe them even for viral infections, to what new treatments are currently in the pipeline, as well as what role can the

logo.png  By NB  Jan 21, 2022