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Supply chain bottlenecks: ‘It’s been nuts’

Consultants are trying to help companies improve resilience and cut carbon emissions while also keeping costs down

logo.png  By NB  Jan 28, 2022

Second supply chain ETF debuts in China despite Omicron lockdowns

Assets under management in the first logistics ETF have plummeted 85 per cent since its launch in June 2021

logo.png  By NB  Jan 26, 2022

Seven Games, by Oliver Roeder

I’ve been sent an advanced copy of Oliver Roeder’s book Seven Games, and of course I’m delighted both by the premise and its execution. Roeder, a game theorist, puzzle fan and keen game player, dives deep into the world of high-level pla

logo.png  By NB  Jan 25, 2022

Will the Federal Reserve signal a March interest rate rise?

Market Questions is the FT’s guide to the week ahead

logo.png  By NB  Jan 25, 2022