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Cautionary Tales – Blood and Gold (with Dan Snow)

Bonus: When Spanish conquistadors arrived in Peru in 1526, it was the beginning of the end for the Inca. Their bloody pursuit of gold, fame and fortune was rife with treachery and deceit. Within a few short years, the once-thriving Incan empire had been d

logo.png  By NB  Apr 24, 2024

Markets are a frog in boiling water on Iran-Israel

While the reaction to the latest hostilities has been tame, the global economy is too fragile for a new crisis

logo.png  By NB  Apr 23, 2024

A TikTok ban won’t solve social media’s collective trap

US legislators are eager to ban TikTok. They are missing a bigger question: should they also ban Instagram, Facebook and the network formerly known as Twitter? The obvious answer is “no”, because although everyone grumbles about social media, we still use

logo.png  By NB  Apr 19, 2024

The great bet on rate cuts is off

We are trapped in old ways of thinking about inflation

logo.png  By NB  Apr 19, 2024