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Raspberry Pi offers London a morsel of hope

Also in this newsletter: Macron’s centrist alliance warned of a complete election wipeout, UK inflation expectations fall to three-year low, Putin offers peace terms

logo.png  By NB  Jun 16, 2024

There is no need to lose our minds over the Jevons paradox

A few years ago, two San Francisco doctors, Mary Mercer and Christopher Peabody, persuaded the busy hospital where they worked to conduct an experiment. They replaced their clunky and inflexible old pagers with a cheaper, more flexible and more powerful s

logo.png  By NB  Jun 15, 2024

G7 to demand wealthy developing nations pay up on climate change

Move by leaders of rich nations puts them on collision course with China, India and Saudi Arabia after UN talks end in failure

logo.png  By NB  Jun 15, 2024

Draghi says Europe must not be ‘passive’ in face of China import threat

Former Italian premier says EU should be ready to use more tariffs and subsidies to counter ‘unfair advantages’

logo.png  By NB  Jun 15, 2024