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How do the wealthy take a hatchet to their personal spending?

Belt-tightening is now the norm among the top 1 per cent — and even some of the super-rich are now having to cut back

logo.png  By NB  Nov 22, 2023

Cautionary Tales – George Washington’s Beard of Beetles, with The Dollop

Cautionary Conversation: Just before Christmas 1799, President George Washington was riding around his country estate, Mount Vernon, when it began to snow. When he arrived home, guests were waiting for him. Known for his punctuality, he hurried to enterta

logo.png  By NB  Nov 19, 2023

The counterintuitive truth about deficits for bond investors

Most of the time, higher government debt levels have been associated with lower yields, not higher

logo.png  By NB  Nov 19, 2023

Why are some jobs so “greedy”?

Why do women still tend to earn less than men? There is nobody better placed to answer that question than economic historian Claudia Goldin, the winner of the 2023 Nobel memorial prize in economics. Her answer tells us how to fight unfairness, but also ho

logo.png  By NB  Nov 17, 2023