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BlackRock’s Fink says Ukraine war marks end of globalisation

Boss of $10tn asset manager warns on inflation as companies reconfigure supply chains

logo.png  By NB  Mar 24, 2022

Why did we stop building beautiful neighborhoods?

“I wanted to show that you could develop even a very beautiful place without defiling it,” said Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. “In fact, that if you did it with sufficient loving care, you might even enhance what God had given you.” It was 1969, and Williams-

logo.png  By NB  Mar 22, 2022

For lessons on fighting inflation, skip Volcker and remember 1946

How the Federal Reserve was able to rein in a spike in prices triggered by postwar pent-up demand

logo.png  By NB  Mar 22, 2022

US government bond market suffering worst month since Trump elected

Traders fear Fed will be unable to tame inflation stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

logo.png  By NB  Mar 22, 2022