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G7 to demand wealthy developing nations pay up on climate change

Move by leaders of rich nations puts them on collision course with China, India and Saudi Arabia after UN talks end in failure

logo.png  By NB  Jun 15, 2024

Draghi says Europe must not be ‘passive’ in face of China import threat

Former Italian premier says EU should be ready to use more tariffs and subsidies to counter ‘unfair advantages’

logo.png  By NB  Jun 15, 2024

Cutting through the fog of the Russian assets debate

Ukraine needs the money Russia owes it, all of it and fast

logo.png  By NB  Jun 14, 2024

Thinking about the global economy with Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf and Soumaya Keynes discuss China, AI and the outlook for interest rates

logo.png  By NB  Jun 11, 2024