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Cautionary Tales – The French Knight’s Guide to Corporate Culture

France 1346: The army of King Philip VI is Europe’s pre-eminent killing machine. It is used to crushing any force stupid enough to oppose it, and now fully expects to annihilate a motley band of English invaders on a field near the village of Crecy.

logo.png  By NB  Jun 18, 2022

Should investors step back into emerging markets?

With stock prices gyrating, analysts are split over developing economies’ prospects in a post-pandemic world

logo.png  By NB  Jun 18, 2022

Father’s Day advice for new investors

As markets turn bearish, will young investors run screaming into the woods?

logo.png  By NB  Jun 18, 2022

A Warhol, a wild back story, and the price of authenticity

Andy Warhol once gave a silkscreen portrait of Marilyn Monroe to a sceptical friend. Keep it safe in a closet, said Warhol: “One day it will be worth a million dollars.” Perhaps he undersold himself, given the price recently reached by another of Warhol’s

logo.png  By NB  Jun 17, 2022