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Buy a coal mine, drive a gas guzzler, and other uses of reverse logic

Readers with long memories may recall the brief, inglorious UK fuel shortage of a few weeks ago, which was mostly caused by the rush to refuel for fear the pumps would run dry. Some petrol stations imposed a limit on how much you could buy — say, £25 of f

logo.png  By NB  Dec 24, 2021

Our 51 Best (And Weirdest) Charts Of 2021

In 2021, FiveThirtyEight’s visual journalists told stories of the pandemic, political gridlock and the world of sports. We’ve fought to make our work more accessible and to sharpen our storytelling. Through it all, we kept it weird. Now we continue our tr

logo.png  By NB  Dec 21, 2021

What parking tickets teach us about corruption

It’s probably not a good sign when a nation’s leader is deflected from hosting a vast global summit to deny that his country is corrupt. But it underlined how far Boris Johnson’s efforts to shield his disgraced ally Owen Paterson have backfired. Paterson

logo.png  By NB  Dec 17, 2021

African Banking and Finance

Fintechs and ‘neobanks’ take on the establishment; how South Africa’s lenders rode out first Covid storm; Moroccan banks target francophone west Africa; oil price shocks test resilience of Nigerian banks; and refugees in Kenya learn to bank on their futur

logo.png  By NB  Dec 17, 2021