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What are central bank digital currencies?

Fears over cryptocurrencies’ impact on financial stability are driving development around the world

logo.png  By NB  Dec 1, 2021

The best podcasts of 2021

I’ll admit, this is a somewhat arbitrary mix of podcasts that are noteworthy because they are particularly wonderful, noteworthy because I feel they are underappreciated, and noteworthy because they are new. Still – they are all free, and trul

logo.png  By NB  Nov 30, 2021

The poisoned chalice of the Fed chair job

Powell has to secure normalisation of monetary policy as inflation surges and stimulus packages increase demand

logo.png  By NB  Nov 27, 2021

Why carbon taxes really work

A friend recently wrote to me agonising over an ethical question. He was pondering a long-haul trip to see his family but was all too aware that the flight would have a huge carbon footprint. Could the journey possibly be justified? I suggested that my fr

logo.png  By NB  Nov 26, 2021