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Fed faces choices as challenging as any since the 1970s

Too much delay in monetary policy tightening risks a much bigger response as the central bank catches up with inflation

logo.png  By NB  Feb 3, 2022

The ten best books for thinking clearly about statistics

To celebrate paperback publication day of “The Data Detective”, and in no particular order… The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter @D_Spiegel is a wide-ranging guide to how statistics work, full of vivid and humane examples by the

logo.png  By NB  Feb 2, 2022

Has the Fed ‘put’ been put to bed?

Don’t count on the central bank intervening over market volatility

logo.png  By NB  Feb 2, 2022

The stripper, the Congressman, and why we undervalue statistical bedrock

At 2am on October 9th, 1974, police in the picturesque tidal basin area of Washington DC spotted a speeding car, weaving around, headlights off. They pulled it over, and out jumped a flamboyantly dressed woman, yelling in both English and Spanish. She pro

logo.png  By NB  Feb 1, 2022