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Even when you do succeed, sometimes it pays to try again

If at first you don’t succeed, goes the old saying, try, try again. Good advice, up to a point. But let me offer a modification: even when you do succeed, try, try again. Tempting as it is to declare victory and move on, in many endeavours there is much t

logo.png  By NB  Jul 1, 2022

Cautionary Tales – Chicago when it sizzles

July 1995. A deadly heat wave gripped Chicago – bridges buckled; the power grids failed; and the morgue ran out of space – but some neighbourhoods saw more deaths than others. Of course, richer and leafier districts suffered less, but poor pla

logo.png  By NB  Jul 1, 2022

Geographical diversification driving wealth to Asian region

The impact of higher energy and food prices are muted by distance and economic dynamism

logo.png  By NB  Jul 1, 2022