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CNN has read the affidavit behind the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago. Here's what stood out

• Court filing reveals previously unknown details about classified information found at Trump's Florida resort

logo.png  By NB  Aug 28, 2022

Cautionary Tales – “But You’re Not Howard Hughes”

By the 1970s Howard Hughes was the “invisible billionaire”. A business tycoon, a daring aviator and Hollywood Lothario, Hughes had an amazing life story… but hiding away in luxury hotels he wasn’t sharing his memories with anyone. Then t

logo.png  By NB  Aug 26, 2022

East Africa’s manufacturers hit by costs and imports

Companies face being overwhelmed by infrastructure problems, unreliable energy, tax and customs burdens, as well as cheap Chinese imports

logo.png  By NB  Aug 26, 2022

Dismal prospects shatter Tunisia’s democratic experiment

‘Democracy is only real if it extends to social and economic areas — it’s not just about having elections every five years’

logo.png  By NB  Aug 26, 2022