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A history and defence of opinion polling

Strength In Numbers: How Polls Work and Why We Need Them. By G. Elliott Morris. W.W. Norton; 224 pages; $28.95 and £21.99 In the 1920s, George Gallup sought to expand the circulation of his student newspaper. To gain readers’ attention, he published a mis

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China growth to fall behind rest of Asia for first time since 1990

World Bank is latest financial institution to slash Chinese economic forecast

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Money Clinic podcast: the mini-budget’s maxi impact

FT finance and political experts debate the fallout as sterling plummets

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Cautionary Tales – A leap of faith from the Eiffel Tower

Inventor Franz Reichelt wants to test his novel “parachute suit” from as tall a structure as possible – and the Eiffel Tower seems ideal. Previous trial runs used a mannequin strapped to the chute and have not ended well. Despite this, h

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