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The fun way to predict the unpredictable

As the virus spread across the world and authorities started imposing lockdowns, problems became obvious. There was resistance to the closure of religious services, few people were keen to postpone weddings and funerals could not wait. Young singles wante

logo.png  By NB  May 20, 2022

China: worse

Lockdowns have made government stimulus futile

logo.png  By NB  May 17, 2022

Wheat prices rise almost 6% as India export ban shakes markets

Chicago futures hit limit after New Delhi curbed shipments to combat surging food prices

logo.png  By NB  May 16, 2022

We’re Hiring A Part-Time Research Assistant

FiveThirtyEight is seeking a diligent, well-organized and kind Research Assistant to help track down and input polls and other election data, as well as contribute research to political stories and projects.  This part-time position plays a critical

logo.png  By NB  May 14, 2022