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Rabat plots route past earthquake shock and tougher economic straits

A strong recovery from Covid has been tempered by inflation and natural disasters

logo.png  By NB  Oct 10, 2023

Confessions of a work-from-homer

I wouldn’t claim to be a workaholic — the word is ugly and glib. But as I enter my sixth decade, I am finally starting to own up to some bad work habits. Unlike my father, who would head to the office in the morning, come home in the evening and almost ne

logo.png  By NB  Oct 7, 2023

The US may no longer avoid a recession

The economy is likely to weaken as markets internalise the significant likelihood that rates will stay higher for longer

logo.png  By NB  Oct 7, 2023

Five lessons from today’s bond market turmoil

There are echoes of 2007: an interconnected system is highly exposed to what is happening in a murky corner of finance

logo.png  By NB  Oct 7, 2023