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UK economic outlook worsens as income inequality rises

EU banking system remains ‘resilient’, Pfizer chief warns of Covid complacency, Biden to issue US policing reform

logo.png  By NB  May 26, 2022

Global tensions strain weak links in tech supply chains

Business leaders and students must prepare for disruption to people and parts

logo.png  By NB  May 23, 2022

Cautionary Tales – Bless the Coal-black Hearts of the Broadway Critics

When Billy Joel agreed to let dance legend Twyla Tharp turn his songs into a Broadway musical it seemed like a surefire hit. But in previews, Movin’ Out was panned by the critics. It was soon headed for Broadway and was set to be an expensive and embarras

logo.png  By NB  May 21, 2022

The fun way to predict the unpredictable

As the virus spread across the world and authorities started imposing lockdowns, problems became obvious. There was resistance to the closure of religious services, few people were keen to postpone weddings and funerals could not wait. Young singles wante

logo.png  By NB  May 20, 2022