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Investing in America

The inaugural FT-Nikkei Investing in America ranking is a snapshot of the best US cities for foreign multinationals to do business in. This report looks at the biggest challenges facing overseas investors in the US, how the winning cities are pulling in m

logo.png  By NB  Oct 7, 2022

What We Owe The Future – A review

The moral philosopher Jonathan Glover tells a story about attending a conference of ethicists in Poland. The itinerary included a visit to Auschwitz. On the coach ride there, the academics earnestly discussed topics such as whether it could ever be morall

logo.png  By NB  Oct 4, 2022

Is a US recession the best thing that can happen to emerging economies? 

A loosening of financial conditions would work in favour of more capital inflows

logo.png  By NB  Oct 4, 2022

The turning points in Russia's invasion of Ukraine

• Russia's challenge: Annexing territory it can't control

logo.png  By NB  Oct 2, 2022