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How to leave Twitter but keep your followers

Thanks to Elon Musk’s rather erratic approach to free speech, employee relations, subscriptions, parodies and disinformation, a lot of people have taken to Twitter to declare that they are leaving Twitter. They will find it hard. This is not because Twitt

logo.png  By NB  Dec 2, 2022

Fed hints at less aggressive rate increase

Eurozone inflation falls more than expected to 10%

logo.png  By NB  Dec 2, 2022

Emerging market stocks and bonds stage powerful rebound rally

Signs of slower interest rate rises in developed economies drive best month for EM debt in 24 years

logo.png  By NB  Dec 2, 2022

Rising prices and supply chain risks threaten Europe’s renewable aims

Costly components make it harder for the industry to hit climate targets and wean itself off Russian energy

logo.png  By NB  Dec 1, 2022