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How to save more lives and avoid a privacy apocalypse

In the mid-1990s, the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission, an insurer of state employees, released healthcare data that described millions of interactions between patients and the healthcare system to researchers. Such records could easily reveal hig

logo.png  By NB  Jul 29, 2022

Cautionary Tales – South Pole Race: “Mummy, is Amundsen a good man?”

Roald Amundsen beat Captain Scott to the South Pole. The Norwegian – using dog sleds and skis – made it look easy… fun, even. He was heading home to safety, while the British party – hauling sleds by hand – struggled out on t

logo.png  By NB  Jul 29, 2022

How bad will the global food crisis get?

Food commodity prices are falling but experts say global production and hunger rates might be even worse in 2023

logo.png  By NB  Jul 28, 2022

A new CEO for Credit Suisse

Argentines swap pesos for black market dollars as economic crisis worsens

logo.png  By NB  Jul 27, 2022