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Cautionary Tales – the Rise and Fall of a Megalomaniac

Nicolae Ceaușescu was not beloved. His regime was vicious and he treated Romania as his personal wallet: while Ceaușescu emptied the coffers to construct a vast, ornate palace, his people starved. He imposed disastrous population control policies on his c

logo.png  By NB  Apr 13, 2024

Why Swifties, holidaymakers and the hygienic should cheer for surge pricing

The “Wendy’s Dave’s Triple” is a fast-food offering that stacks two possessives and three hamburgers. I am not sure how easy it is to swallow in either regard, but what has really been sticking in people’s throats is the prospect of surge pricing at the W

logo.png  By NB  Apr 13, 2024

Big investors buy European bonds over US Treasuries as economies diverge

Pimco and T Rowe Price among firms to increase exposure in Europe amid cooling inflation

logo.png  By NB  Apr 10, 2024

The surprising public health benefit of unemployment

Here’s a discovery to bring you up short: unemployment is good for you. Really? Well, no, not really. But a new research paper has found a correlation that points in that direction: more unemployment, fewer deaths. Underneath lies something real, shocking

logo.png  By NB  Apr 5, 2024