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The simple maths puzzle that shows us how to separate fact from fiction

For certain kinds of questions, there are answers that are simple, elegant and wrong. Take the most famous example of the genre, the “bat and ball” question: if a bat and a ball together cost $1.10, and the bat costs a dollar more than the ball, how much

logo.png  By NB  Dec 1, 2023

EU ports help sell on over 20% of LNG imports from Russia

‘Transshipment’ of liquefied natural gas, crucial for Moscow’s Arctic fleet, is banned by UK and Netherlands

logo.png  By NB  Nov 29, 2023

Why investors should lament the rise of Global South term

The shift away from emerging markets reflects an eclipsing of economics by politics

logo.png  By NB  Nov 29, 2023

Cautionary Tales – Glowing Peril: the Magical Glitter That Poisoned a City

In Goiânia, Brazil, a junk dealer acquires an old medical device from two scrap-metal scavengers. The device itself isn’t useful, but it comes with precious lead which will fetch him good money. There’s something else inside the device, too: a

logo.png  By NB  Nov 25, 2023