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We’re Hiring A Part-Time Research Assistant

FiveThirtyEight is seeking a diligent, well-organized and kind Research Assistant to help track down and input polls and other election data, as well as contribute research to political stories and projects.  This part-time position plays a critical

logo.png  By NB  May 14, 2022

The intangible economy is more important than you think

After two decades of digital titans hogging the limelight, the physical economy has spent the past two years reasserting itself. From the supply of toilet paper to the price of wheat, shortages of personal protective equipment in early 2020 and columns of

logo.png  By NB  May 13, 2022

Cautionary Tales Short – A Screw Loose At 17,000ft

Cautionary Tales will be back next Friday (and every other Friday thereafter). For  Pushkin+ subscribers, I proudly present another Cautionary Tales “Short”. Shownotes The ideal source on Maintenance Guy and his travail’s is Matt Parker’s wond

logo.png  By NB  May 13, 2022

US-China rift becomes a legal feud

Trade war rhetoric has evolved into wrangling over laws and regulation in tech and finance

logo.png  By NB  May 13, 2022